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Top loading Mixed bill counter : FT-500B
Top loading Mixed bill counter : FT-500B
Mixed money counter machine : FT-3800v
Mixed money counter machine : FT-3800v
Banknote Sorting Machine Model:FT-600
Banknote Sorting Machine Model:FT-600
Money Counting And Sorting Machine:FT-700
Money Counting And Sorting Machine:FT-700
Fastest money counter machine :FT-501
Fastest money counter machine :FT-501
Cheap Currency counting machine FT-300
Cheap Currency counting machine FT-300
Front loading banknote counter machine :FT-400
Front loading banknote counter machine :FT-400
Money counter machine for sale:FT-2090
Money counter machine for sale:FT-2090
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Feelteck Money Machine Counter

Professional Manufacturer for Money Counter, Mixed Bill Counter and Money Sorter
Here at Feelteck, we boast of being among the few tech companies transforming the financial sector by providing high end financial equipment. Our products include a range of money counters, mixed bill counters and money sorters. Having been around since 2004. Over these years, we stumped a strong foothold in the market as one of the leading suppliers of money counting, mixed bill counter and money sorters machines. Today, more than 160 countries and regions such as Japan, Southeast Asia, US, EU, Australia and S. America are using our machines.

Quality and ease of use of our products are two things that makes Feelteck stand out. Our money counting machine, mixed bill counter and money sorters are made of high quality materials. That means they are very extremely durable hence value for money is a guarantee with us. Our machines comes with unrivaled ease of use features since we have automated almost all the functions. Therefore, with Feelteck, you have all you cash organization needs sorted.

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Money Counter Can Handle A Range of Currencies Including Euros, Pounds, Ruble, Dollars, And Mark Amongst Other International Currencies.

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Provide Customized Money Counting Machine Service for Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Target, Staples, Alibaba, AliExpress, Other B2B Platform Sellers.

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We Supply to Various Countries and Regions Including India, Australia, South Africa, The US, South America, France, UK, Jordan, Malaysia And Canada.

How to Choose Money Counter?

Choosing the right money counter machine helps you to save time as well as enhance accuracy for the cash transaction. But with so many varieties of money counting machines in the market, it can be a little bit tricky to pick the right one. However, there is a couple of tips and tricks that can help you get a perfect machine that suits your business needs. So if you want to invest in a currency counter machine, what are the key thing to look out for? Well, in this post, we’re going to look at some of the critical things that businesses should look out for in a money counter machine. Check out the Following tips:

The Amount of Cash You Are Counting

The amount of money that you are counting should always be the first thing to take into account. That is because any money counter machine for sale has a certain capacity. If you are counting a lot of money, then you need to have a machine design that can hold a larger number of bank notes. A front loading banknote counter machine with a large hopper will be perfect. The money counter should also count at the highest speed possible to make the work easier.  A speed of around 1,000 notes per minute would be great for huge cash counting.

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Counterfeit Currency Detection

One of the biggest threat to any business including banks is fake money. The unfortunate thing is that the threat keeps on growing with the counterfeits money becoming more and more challenging to identify manually. But with a money counting machine with fake note detector, it is easy to detect fake currency. Some of the technologies one should look out for include UV light, magnet detection (MD or MG), DD- Dimension Detection, ICD- intelligent code detector, and IR- infrared. With all these forms of detection, then it becomes easy for the machine to detect all fake notes. That’s the kind of device you should look out for.

International Currency Detection

In the banking system and other sectors such as the hotel industry, foreign currency is a common thing. However, therein lies the problem of authenticity. Therefore, the money counting machine for sale that you pick must detect foreign currency. There are the currency counter machines which can help you to identify various currencies and denomination. In fact, Feelteck has more advance money sorter machines that can separate different currencies and give their total count. If you need to count and sort a lot of a bunch of foreign currencies, you need to check for these features in a money counter.

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Ease of Use

The modern money counter machine comes with incredible ease of use features. They are easy to use, and their ergonomic features are incredible. For instance, Feelteck money counting machines have almost every function automated. That means you will have very little to do other than placing notes on the hopper and removing the counted batches. The opening of the machine for maintenance should also be easy as well as updating the software. If you are buying from reputable shops such as Walmart or Amazon, you will see these features listed down.

The Battery Power

If you are working in remote area where power is unstable, you need a battery powered the machine. However, the quality of the battery delivers in such conditions. The first thing that you need to look for is a rechargeable battery that can last for long. That will ensure that a power outage does not hamper with your cash counting. Whether it is money counting machine amazon or Walmart, check out the battery features keenly.


Just like any other machine, cash counting machine can break down even if it is very new. That is why it is essential to check for the warranty carefully. The most crucial thing is to check for the brand and the shop you are buying from. Whether it is money counting machine Walmart, check the kind warranty they are offering. The trick is to buy a product that provides a good warranty at least a year.

These are some of the crucial tips for how to choose a money counter machine. Other features that you can consider include connectivity, fitness sorting, and discriminators. If you pay attention to these features while buying, then you will get a perfect machine that suits your needs.

Professional Manufacturer for Money Counter, Mixed Bill Counter and Money Sorter.

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