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About us

Here at Pingyang Feelteck Factory and Wenzhou feelteck imp & Exp Co., Ltd, we boast of being among the few reputable market leaders in manufacturing and supplying financial equipment and office supplies. Our products are widely accepted across the world with hundreds of banks and other business using them to run their daily operation. That is because we have invested in a vast range of financial machines that address all the major challenges that come with cash management. Our financial machines and office supplies include bill counter, money counter, banknote sorter, money counting machine, banknote binder, and money detector.

Established in 2004, Feelteck Company has quickly expanded its market base and stumped a strong foothold in the global market. As of now, we are exporting to more than 160 countries and regions including Australia, the US, EU, South America, Japan, and Southeast Asia. That is because of the quality, stability performance, and unrivalled customer satisfaction that we are offering. Quality of our items is one of the key features that we have invested in heavily. Our products are from the highest grade material to attain the unrivalled durability. That is why customers who invest in machines will enjoy their quality service for a very long time.

In addition, we design our products with incredible ergonomic and ease of use features. They are easy to use, and that is why they a favorite to a large number of users across the world. For instance, Feelteck bill counter machine is capable of counting and detecting fake money as well. They are also easy to maintain the hardware and software part of the machine. In fact, we ensure that if you want to update the software, all you need is a USB. It’s that simple.

At Feelteck, we have continued to invest in the latest technology to enhance our customers’ experience. As our slogan says, “feeling technology Getting double win,” we have been consistent in offering the best to buyers. We boast of several independent intellectual properties and patent technologies.  Our technical team consists of highly trained and experience senior technicians in the field of electronics, automation control, and communication. That is the reason why our machines offers extreme versatility in application compared to the available alternative.

We take all our products through rigorous quality control. That is to ensure that they have passed inspection to comply with the quality standard of Feeltech. All our machines must also pass the ISO international quality system authentication, FCC, CE, GS and ROHS to ensure that our customers get only the best in the market, only best gets to the customer.

We have a modernized industrial park holding an area of 10,000m2. That is where we have the Feelteck Factory. Our factory is equipped advanced production facility, and that’s another reason why we have been persistent in quality production. We are driven by the principle of “Customer Foremost.” That’s why everything we do is based on enhancing customer experience. That includes providing optimal products and improved technical support. Lastly, our products are available at a friendly price. Customers are also free to visit Pingyang Feelteck Factory and buy out products at wholesale price

Customized Services

Provide Customized Money Counting Machine Service for Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Target, Staples, Alibaba, AliExpress, Other B2B Platform Sellers

Precise manufacturing equipment

Professional Manufacturer for Money Counting Machine, Bill Counter Machine, Mixed Bill Counter and Money Sorter Products Passed FCC, CE, GS and ROHS

Professional service

We Supply to Various Countries and Regions Including The US, Australia, South Africa, India, South America, France, UK, Jordan, Malaysia And Canada.

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