Feelteck History

With more than 12 years experience in money counter world , Feelteck have went though almost all the period of china banknote counter .


The first bill counting machine is introduced in 1920 in USA ,the machine is only for counting and with Batch function set .


The fist back loading currency counting machine is made in china. This machine reduce about half cost than Top loading banknote counter machine .


About 4 money counter manufacturer stat in this years , they producing the back loading machine bill counter only to the domestic bank and market with UV detecting .


Wenzhou Feelteck Exp &imp Co., Ltd , established .

We start to selling the note counter and money sorter to the others countries ,and got the feedback from all the countries to improve the money counter software suitable for most of the currencies .


Pinyang feelteck Electronic Co., Ltd established .

We start to make the Top loading currency counting machine competing to the Korea and Japan machines . Succeed to make OEM for Japan Brand . Start cooperation with famous brand like Accubanker , Safesacan ,Canssida and so on .


We succeed to make the first one pocket Mix denominations value money counter in china .

We used the CIS sensor make the Multi currency mixed value counter machine .

It will super detections ,UVMGIR, and Image .


Feelteck start to make more pockets money sorting machine.

Have ready for one 1 +1 pocket money sorter ,and have succeed to make the software for EUR, USD , GBP and more than 50 currencies software .


Feelteck will lead the technology of bill counter world .

We are make one solution, which will be similar functions of CIS sensors with Image sensor ,but the cost will be much lower than CIS sensor . It will be easy for our customers to competing to the others .

Make counting easy ,make banking easy !

– Feelteck –

Why Choose Feelteck

we only focus export business

  • more experience deal with different currency

We have manufacture money counter machine in the past 12 years . Feelteck have succeed to export banknote machines to more than 80 countries .In the past 5 years ,we have succeed to make more than 50 currencies denomination value mixed money counting software . The machine have been applied more than 30 countries bank , so we have enough data of money and counterfeit money data .

  • know more the customer requirement

As a export base factory , we commuted with more than 800 customers every years allover the world . Feelteck know exactly which country need which kind of machine , which kind of currency counting functions used in which currency . Its very easy to deal with us , only tell us which country you are from ,and tell us you sell to bank or market ,we will know which exactly you need .

  • more easily communicate

Feelteck have more than 10 sales manager ,who at least more than 5 years in bill counter machine sales experience . All of them know well about the products , and also the technology .

  • Easy deliver time Control

Normally for the deliver time , need prepare the material ,make parts assemble and assemble to money counter machine.

Most of the factory will need to waiting on line when the purchase the parts from their supplier. In this station , if one of the supplier can not deliver the parts as promised , the machine will can not assembled in time .

But Feelteck make most of the main material parts ourselves , so its easy to control our deliver than others

Technology team

we make the Technological innovation with our own team

  • Unique technology no compare from competitors

Feelteck have our own technology team ,we focus on make our Unique technology one our banknote counting machines . Feelteck make succeed the different technology on Taiwan ,Russian currency . And in the soon future we will have a unique solution on word wide using mixed bill counting technology . Base on this solution our customers will have enough strong to bit most of the competitor very easy .

  • More customize work can me meet

As all the customers knows , most of the factor in china using the technology with the same technology company . Most of the bill counting machine manufacturers in china have almost the same software in the machine . Its is not easy for customer to ask them to do some customize : like with a LOGO in the display , or do some intercom with the others equipment with the currency money counting machine .

But Feelteck have our technology team ,can change anything you need in our software.

We can fly to your office training the engineer

  • The service manual support

First of all we have very detail service manual for each models . If you have service engineer ,you will easy to solve the 90% problem of money counting machine by reading the service manual . Also you can make the training to your customers base on the service manual .

  • Bring your engineer our factory

If you are just new for note sorter business , do not worry .We have training system , you can go to our factory training about 5 days ,you will be capable to be a money counter machine engineer .

We will let you study on the work shop, technology department ,also the sale skill for banknote counting machine .

  • We will visit for engineer training or after service work

If you be Feelteck customers , we will fly to your office to make the training or after service if required . We have visited more than 20 countries to cooperating with customer for the after service ,also help to the tend of bank .

3. We accept exclusive agent

  • Protect customers from competing

When we start cooperation ,we always ready to discuss with the exclusive agent contract with you for some models .We have succeed to sell our machine more than 80 countries , so we can accept exclusive agent in one country easily . In this way , Feelteck will protect you to avoid you from Vicious competition. In this way customer will have enough profits on the business also we have .

  • Grow up together with customers

We will help our customers growing up with us together . Every year we will have new models , or new technology using in the currency counter machine .

So our customer will be easy to distinguish from others selling company. Our customer will got unique models or unique technology models every year . So that you will be easy survive in the market with good profit than others .

5. We make parts also , not only assemble

  • Save the cost of the materials

85% of the Chinese manufacturer of money counter machine is only assemble factory . They all buy the materials and parts from different supplier and make assembling in factory . Feelteck make the plastic body , the mainboard ,the steels in our own factory which will save more cost on the materials and will reduce the cost to our customers .

We invent more than 500,000 USD , only for the equipment of making the parts of the currency counting machines .

  • Quality control in parts

Because of making the parts ourselves , we have more stronger quality control on our money counting machines .We make control beginning from the parts ,while others only buy from the supplier not easy to control the parts quality .

Make counting easy ,make banking easy.

–  Feelteck –


Feelteck help me be professional on money counter business. Being a new of this business Feelteck help to understand how many kind of equipments in the bank , how the bill counter work ,how the money binder use .And now i’m being much much professional on this business.

Kamal Prasad Paneru – regular customer

When we have a project for the Mixed bill counter machines ,we find its not easy to find the suitable manufacturer in China. We searched more than 3 months ,compare more than 10 companies ,final choose Feelteck .I’m very lucky to find we made the right determination, we cooperated very well in the past five years with them .

Grace Bowen – regular customer

We have more than 15 suppliers for bill counter machines include Feelteck . To be honest , they were making in time delivers ,good quality and professional service all the time.

Bruno Araujo – regular customer

We now do not have business with Feelteck.because of change our business .But we still very good friends , whenever I go to China I will go to Feelteck , only for one cup of coffee.

Nora Silva – regular customer