Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Feelteck, we are suppliers of a wide range of money counting machine. Reading this FAQ will help you to clear some basic questions about us.

For our customers, we provide the user manual, service manual, spare parts list with item name, to make the after service of the currency sort and money counter pretty easy for you

What's the delivery time, can we test the sample first before order?

Feelteck money counter machines tested before the order is dispatched to avoid faulty machine reaching the customer. About delivery time, we deliver banknote counters within 2 days if they are more than 100 pieces and if less than 1000 pieces, we can deliver the currency counting machine to you within 20 days.

What are the FOB ports?

Feelteck usually offers both FBO NINGBO and SHANGHAI. Also, we offer FOB to all the ports you need in China, but we will charge for the domestic transport.

What's the currency counter warranty?

We offer one year Warranty for spare parts. That means you will have technology staff or engineer doing the after service for free for a full year. Besides, we will train your engineer with our service manual, or your engineer can come to us to study in our factory.

Which countries have you exported to?

In the past 12 years, Feelteck has succeeded to export bill counters to more than 80 countries. We have also succeeded in supplying more than 50 currencies software for the mixed denomination value bill counters.

What Brand is your products?

Our brand is FEELTECK, we also offer OEM with your brand, if the quality is ok.

Does the machine work with 220 voltage or can I use a transformer for this?

There is two kind of machines, one money counter machine does no need the use a transformer and works with 110-240 voltage range. The other kind needs to choose the voltage 220 or 110v. Make sure that you have confirmed the machine that you need before order.

Does the machine provide the total amount after counting bills?

We have banknote counter that counts pcs only with UVMGIR detections. We also have a mixed money counter machine with the amount that gives the total amount when it finishes counting.

Spare parts & software

For you to use and do after service on Feelteck bill counter machine, you will need to study the money counter to know how to replace the parts. With that in mind, we will provide a very detailed list with items and picture on it. That makes it very easily to choose which spare parts for the money counter machine you need

For software, because of new counterfeit or new version banknote come, the software will need to update. That time, you need be required to scan the image to us by the mixed bill counter and save in USB to us, we will improve your software automatically by updating it using the USB.