Mixed Money Counter Machine

Mixed Money Counter Machine is the models can make denominations value mix counting and give the total amount .

As you know the normal money counter machine only counting how many pcs banknote counted , but this machine can also give the amount of total denomination with list .

This Mixed counter is much more save time . For example ,when you have cash to count ,most of the time, it should be different denominations such as ($1,$2,$5,$10,$20,$50,$100) each will be some pcs .If you need to count our how much it is , you will need to separate all single denomination then check how many pcs each denominations , then will know the result , its will take you many time to do this . Using the Mixed value counter machine one time you count about 5 seconds (100pcs) ,will get the result you need .

One Pocket Mixed bill Counter Machine

Front loading ,Denominations Mixed bill counter machine FT-500B

Two Pocket Denomination Mix Money Counter Machine

Two pockets denominations Value mix Money Counter Machine ,FT-900

Back loading Mixed Bill Counter Machine FT-3800

Back loading,Denominations Mixed bill counter machine, Best price in Value mix counter

1 + 1 Pockets Mix denominations Money Counter Machine

1 + 1 Mixed money counter machine with sorting functions

3 different kind of Mixed Money Counter Machine.

For different requirement , the Mixed money counter machine be separate to 3 kind of .It will suitable for different using , bank ,shop ,stations , hospital or cash center.

For Mixed Money Counter Machines ,we can see it will have three kind .

1.Back loading Mixed money Counter Machine .

The advance of back loading is lower cost and counting more smoothly when deal to old money .If you are a shop ,not heavy cash dealing as the bank cash center , you can buy the back loading one which can have all the same function to top loading ,but the price is much cheap.

For back loading , most suitable for the market of Asian and Africa . For example , Vietnam is using the plastic banknote , the front loading machine will destroy the money , more import is the plastic money have station electric after counting ,the back loading machine can deal much better than front loading one .

2.Front loading Mixed Money Counter Machine

Front loading is much more using life base on the structure,the rubber and the axis ,the Bearing is much more long use life . Front loading is always used in bank ,big exchange points .

Also the front loading is much more convenient to input the money when counting .

The capacity of the hopper is much more than backing loading ,it means you can put more money one time in counting than the back loading one .

Front loading is the most earliest machine in the world , it made by USA first , and most of the EURO company also use to count money by front loading machine .So it is much more better to introduce the top loading machine in this markets .

3.1 + 1 Pockets Mixed Money Counter Machine

1 + 1 pockets machine have more reject pocket than the one pockets machine . It will reject all the no need money to the reject pocket . You can set the reject reason , denomination ,Face or Direction .the machine will reject as you need while counting normal money to the big pocket without and stop .

Actually 1 + 1 pockets machine is the one which one step deal all the work continues counting ,never have stop.

4 advantages of Mixed Money Counter Machine.

  • Update the software by U disk ,easy to maintain .
  • Can Mixed counting report all the detail list of the denominations and amount .
  • Detecting with Image under IR, white light ,much better than normal.
  • easy to add currencies or new published version denomination .