Money Sorter Machine

Money Sorter Machine, also known as cash sorting machine, currency sorting machine, and paper money sorting machine, is a high-end financial equipment product specially used for counting and sorting coins or paper money. The sorting machine is divided into two types: coin sorting machine and paper money sorter machine, which can distinguish coins and banknotes of different types and different denominations. The paper money sorter machine is a device for sorting, improving neatness, and selecting ATM bills for cash. It can meet the needs of national standards, cash issuance, ATM processing, anti-counterfeiting, and new requirement to the future briefly types and functions of the sorter machine.

The banknote Sorter Machine

The paper money sorter machine is a high-tech product integrating optical and electromechanical technology.

It comprehensively uses computers, pattern recognition (high-speed image processing), crown number recognition, banknote authentication, multi-channel transmission of banknotes, and other key technologies. Multi-channel transmission technology, etc .

The key processes are precision machining of multi-directional and multi-angle sheet metal parts, processing of electrical system components and quality assurance of the whole machine. The banknote sorter machine adopts high-speed image scanner (CIS), digital signal processor (DSP) and controller for sampling control. It has multiple forgery functions such as image, fluorescence, magnetism, security line, infrared, penetration, and spectrum.

The new digital image technology is fully compatible with the old and new versions of currencies; it has new and old sorting, version sorting, face-to-face sorting, face value sorting, counting, anti-counterfeiting and other functions.  More advance money sorter machine with fitness functions can detect defects, holes, folds, pen paths, oil stains, adhesive tape, etc. of banknotes. Denominations can be processed.

Feelteck Latest Money Sorting Machine FT-900

  • New develop ,more smart design
  • Face and Direction sorting
  • Single Denomination Sorting
  • Basic Fitness Customize(optional)
  • Supper detections
  • Continues counting without stop

Feelteck Money Sorting Machine FT-600

  • Stable counting with Long path
  • Single Denomination sorting
  • ECB tested
  • Succeed many Tends in the past years.

The Coins Sorter Machine

The coin sorter machine can accurately distinguish various coins, and can also display the total amount of coins placed and the number of coins of different denominations.

Normally the technology of the Coins Sorter Machine is base on the size and thickness . Also our Coins sorter machine have detecting function of the fake coins .

We customized more than 50 countries coins , also we can make the software as your requirement with base on your country’s coins.

Feelteck Coins Sorter Machine FT-60C

  • Can choose pockets 2 +1 , 6 + 1 , 9 +1
  • Sorting all the denominations to different pockets
  • Total Amount with list of the denominations
  • .Detecting fake coins.

The 6 advance of Money sorter Machine?

Compare to normal money counter machine , Money Sorter machine have many advantages .Its a never stop counting machine , save you time , be more efficient.Using a money sorter machine you will find its have many benefit:
  • Continues counting without stop

Banknote sorter Machine have two pocket , one for reject one for normal counting.
The normal one pocket or counting machine , it will stop when Error or detect counterfeit.

Sorter machine have reject pocket to receive the error or counterfeit money so it will never stop when counting ,just reject to the reject pocket or counting normal to the big pocket. The additional pocket be the most import for save time.

For heavy duty cash deal ,like cash center ,it is very import save time .If you use the normal machine with big amount cash deal ,Recurring stop , it will very waste time . But if you use a sorting machine, you will be hand free , never stop ,be more Efficient.

  • Supper detecting the counterfeit money

The money sorter machine with supper detecting functions than normal one .Detecting UV,MG,IR ,the most import the IMAGE of white light and IR image.

Before CIS image detecting technology , the detecting like UV,MG,IR ,its just check one points.Means the machine only check one small points on the banknote and check if it is fake or not , so some times it will mistaken ,the original money be counterfeit by machine . But with CIS, the machine check some big areas in the banknote ,arranged the data of all collect , it be much more accurate .

The detecting more accurate ,because all the money counted have been show it is which currency and denominations , so we identify special for this currency which counting .In this way ,it special detecting method only for this counting money .

  • Sorting counterfeit ,denomination , face and direction

Money sorting machine can sort the money as you set.

Sorting counterfeit at the same time normal counting .The sorter will reject all the counterfeit to the reject pocket without any setting .

Sorting single denomination: you set mode SDC(Single Denomination Count), the money sorter will reject all the different denominations to the reject pocket . If you repeat operating as this , you will get all the same denominations separate in hand orderly .

Sorting the Face:  If you need all the money in the same face . Set the Banknote FACE sorting . all the same face as the first one will counting normal to the big pocket , while others to the reject pocket. Take the reject and big pocket money together all the money will be on same face .

Sorting the Direction: The same as sorting the face ,just Set ORI sorting , will get the same direction of all the money .

  • Have additional Reject Pocket

As you know sorter machine always have more than two pockets . The normal counting pockets and the reject pocket .

The advantage of reject pocket is the machine will reject the fake banknote and counting original banknote at the same time, never need any stop. When you bore with deal to cash ordering work , its the best machine help you to save time ,and more accurate .

With the reject pocket , you also can sorting face and directing ,take the different face or directions money in the different pockets, easy to separate.

Multi Currency in Soter machine

The money sorter counter machine ,alway can loading up to 12 currencies software in one machine .

Its very benefit for the exchange point and the bank account .For example if some customer come mix with many currency together to make the exchange , you can mix all the currencies together count , the sorter machine will show you all the currencies amount with detail list , then you will easy to account how much it is to change .

Also if you set it on Auto mode, if you separate each currency in one bundle . You do not need to do any operation ,when you change the currency , the machine will automatic recognize which currency counting now .

  • Ready the serial number of banknote

Banknote sorting machine can read the serial number of the banknote .If you are sales point with pos , you just connect the machine to the printer . And the customer paid , the receipt will have all the serial number of the counted banknote . It’s the best proof when the fake banknote got in the points .

With our technology developing ,we now succeed to make the sorter machine connect to computer , can save the data as excel to the PC. Actually now the cash safe been focused on many countries bank , after we give the data to the PC ,the system will record all the serial number used to in the bank.