Currency Sorter Machine

2-Pocket Bank use Currency Sorter Machine with Counterfeit detections 

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Stable counting , long using life time currency sorter machine

1 year 100% Guaranteed Warranty

Heavy duty suitable bank using

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Recognize the denomination with the amount and detail list by report in the display . Multi work counterfeit detecting ,denominations read ,and the number of counted .
Reject all the fake currency into the reject pocket , you will do not need to stop when counting start . Be more efficient dealing the cash business.
Multi currencies software applied in our machine, up to 15 currencies. Support to printer serial numbers of currency . With counting mode : counting , single denomination and mixed value .
Currency Sorter machine sorting the money by Face or Directions . You can choose Face Sorting for the same face , ORI mode for the same direction.


FT-900 Latest two pockets money sorter machine

FT-500B One pocket Denomination Mixed bill counter



FT-600 is the currency sorter with two pockets value mixed denominations .It means if you put ($1,$2,$5,$10,$20,$50,$100) together ,the machine will count with the detail list of all denominations and give the result of total amount ,rejecting the counterfeit at the same time .

FT-600 sorter machine  also can help you sort the face and the directions of banknote.Its mainly help for the ATM machine ,when need put the money to ATM use this machine to sort the banknote as need in ATM.

The FT-600 currency sorter machine can help you to handle most of the cash arrangement .It will meet almost all your requirement for cash business .Free your hand ,save the time ,and also will help you to reduce the employee number if you are the own of the company .

The FT-600 currecy sorter machine help you different requirement as follow:

MDC: Counting the mixed banknote one currency , and show the list of detail denominations, give the result of the amount .It also can printing the receipt connect to the printer .

SDC: Single denomination sort , Only count the same denomination as the first count pc ,and the different to the reject pocket .

CNT: Counting number of all the money .

FACE: Only count the same face as the first count pc ,and the different to the reject pocket .

ORI: Only count the same direction as the first count pc ,and the different to the reject pocket .

ADD: Even after stop , and put money again to count , all the counted number be added .

BATCH: Set the quantity you need to count , currency sorter will stop when meet the quantity.

Speed: Can choose speed ,600/800pcs/min

For best performance currency sorter machine , the FT-600 can be your goods choice.

How to do when new version currency come?

This currency sorter can scan the new version money by machine with connect port to equipment . and easy to update software by USB disk.

How to do when new counterfeit do not detecting?

FT-600 have supper detections , UV,MG ,IR ,IMAGE of white light and IR light .If there is some new counterfeit come ,do not detect , you can scan the fake money send data to us .We will make the update software send to you by usb update .

How many currencies can count in this machine?

FT-600 can up to 10 currencies in one machine.

For this 10 currencies , you can usd MIx ,single denomination, face and directions sorting .