Coin Sorter Machine FT-60C

Multi pockets can choose(3,6,9 )Pockets ,Separate coins denominations to different pocket  with amount value ,reject fake coins.

★★★★★  For Coins Counter World

Unique alloy sensor technology with patents.

Reject fake coin or foreign coins.

Count up to 15 denominations.

Totals and subtotals in value and number.


Programmable stop function for bagging and tubing.
There are 5 sorting channels and extra fake coin channel.
RS-232 Communication interface ,can connect computer and printer.
The external interface can be connected to LED display, Main monitoring does not blink.
U disk software easy upgrade.


FT-900 1 + 1 pocket money sorter Machine

FT-500B one pocket denominations value mix counter machine



Coin Sorter machine FT-60C Serial is the machine can customize with your country coins requirement . For example if you country only have 2 coin , we can make 3 pockets (one for reject), if you country coins have 9 kinds ,we can make pockets 9 + 1.

The FT-C60 have the technology only from us with patents , it can detecting the foreign coins and fake coins ,reject to the reject pockets, while others denominations separate to all the market pocket.

The FT-C60 Coin sorter machine can easily update the software by the U disk, very easy to do after service maintain.

For the coins passing good no jam ,we make 6 channels in the machine , one for reject pocket specially .It much more increase the smoothly when counting the coins.

The FT-C60 coins sorter machine accept to connect to the computer or the external display optional .You can require us how to communicate to the display or computer ,also transport the data with your software in PC.