Banknote Sorter Machine FT-900

The main function of the money sorting machine is to sort, fitness, and classify different types of money, realize the counting, detecting counterfeit, and identification of orginal currency. At present, the banknote sorter machine used by various commercial banks are mainly imported products, the bill sorting machine has many uses, including meeting the requirements of applicable standards, cash issuance, automatic teller machine processing, anti-counterfeiting and future business models.

Identify Denominations with list reporter 

The Feelteck FT-900 is the banknote sorter  Machine which can help you to identify the different currency different denominations together .Feedback the report of all the detail list of counted bill, easy to see the total result amount .

FT-900 banknote sorter machine is the machine counting continues without any stop , means when meet the counterfeit or different set currency it will reject to the up pocket ,while normal counting money to the big pocket.

Powered by CIS (Contract Image system), FT-900 banknote sorter machine be smart to recognized 100% accurate booth denominations and quantity .


Auto Recognize Any Currency Without Operate

The FT-900  banknote sorting machine can Automatic Recognize the First currency counted , it will be stop all different banknote kind when counting .

This function useful for exchange points .Most exchange point need money counter machine ,which can fast separate different currency .

  1. You do not need operating , put mixed currency count together , FT-900 ,will just count the fist currency , the different currency counted will stop .
  2. When you need to count different countries banknote , you do not need to press the key to choose the currency . Just count one kind currency change to another , the machine will recognize automatic.

Mix Count First 4 Currency With Amount


The FT-900 banknote sorter machine  is the model, can support multi currencies counting together . It will show the detail currency and amount in the display .

It’s a very boring work ,when you need to separate all the different currency ,different denominations . For this kind of work , withe the help of banknote sorting machine FT-900 ,we can save time to do more valuable work . Save time ,also means save employees , more person hand free , less employee you will need in your company .

The FT-900 sorter machine  mix functions width used in the exchange points , which will need to exchange different currencies in one time , its easy to count mix and printer the result of all amount to account with rate get the result very short time .


Being a heavy duty money sorter Machine , FT-900 need more capacity deal with cash business in bank .So we make the external Ear guide for you .

It improved the problem of less hopper capacity . You can count one time 500pcs normal ,but 1000pcs if add the external ear guide .If you are a heavy cash handling work ,it will help you more efficient.

Being continues counting machine never stop, so its very easy for you put much bill on the hope , the only thing is taking the money on the stock is ok .

Even when you need increase the speed of counting , just make the CNT count mode,  the machine will count at 1200pcs/min .



The FT-900 banknote sorter machine  can choose the serial number printing functions, can show in the display denominations detail ,and if you connect FT-900 to the printer ,it  can print the detail and serial number, and also the detail amount with list of denominations.

External display is optional , can show the amount and the quantity ,the same data as the money sorter  machine shows ,very convenient for customers know the count result .With external display , the customer will easy to ready what happened in cash handle , how many pcs , and how many amount at the same time .

Denominations ,Face ,Direction sorting

The FT-900 is the banknote sorter  machine with different sorting functions.

1.Single Denomination.

When you choose SDC mode, it will counting only the denomination with is the same as the first one count money , all the others will reject to the up pocket with counterfeit money .

2.Face (Direction)Sorting .

Actually when you need to binding the money in a bold , the better way its all in the same face and same direction. So this sorting function will be very convenience to you .You just set the face sorting first, after counted take the reject money to stock money together .

Then again you just set the Directions sorting , counted take the reject and stock money together , you will satisfy to the result , you will find all the bill in the same direction and same face.


FT-900 banknote sorter machine with multi supper counterfeit detections :

MG (Magnetic): MG detection for detecting the Counterfeit Money Magnetic ink in the strategic locations

UV(Ultraviolet): Its base on the safety feature most of the banknote . Under the UV light , the original banknote will different than the counterfeit .

IR (Infrared light):Under IR light, some area ink will be absorbed , so the image under the IR compare the normal, its be big different . This is very hard to made in Counterfeit ,so this function will be most import function for detecting .

MT(Magnetic Thread):Check the Magnetic of the thread of the banknote .

CIS(Image):The CIS sensor scan the counted money in the Memory , and compare the image information when counting ,stop the Error one .

USB update & Path Open

As a smart denominations mixed machine , The banknote sorter machine FT-900  use high technology in the machine. The after service and maintain being very important .We thinking over on it this machine have considered much for after service .

  1. For the Hardware the path of the machine can be easily opened . In this way , you can easily take off any jam ,and also easy to clear the CIS sensor make the calibration.
  2. For the software ,we make very easy update on USB port. Copy the update software to any USB disk you have in hand , input the USB , switch on the machine ,it will update the software automatic.

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  • 1 + 1 pockets with reject pocket
  • Speed 800/1,000/ 1,200 bills per minute
  • Automatic currency and denomination recognition
  • Multi 4 Currency Mixed Counting with Amount
  • External  hopper added  capacity to 1,000 bills counting
  • Up to 14  default currencies for detecting and counting and Value Mix
  • Software support to more than 80 countries , Customize software base on your currency
  • Supper detection: UV, MG,MT, IR, IMAGE, 3D
  • Powered by CIS (Contract Image system) detection technology
  • Supports serial number scanning (USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, TKL,PHP and so on)
  • Counting modes: MDC,SDC,CNT,Face ,Ori
  • Value counting: counts sorted and mixed notes
  • Sheet counting option: free count without counterfeit detection
  • Add function and batch counting
  • Auto-start and self testing
  • User-friendly front panel
  • Display: 3.5” TFT
  • Stacker capacity: 220 bills
  • Install currency updates via USB port or SD card slot
  • Software can customize
  • Power: AC 110V-240V
  • Power consumption: < 60W
  • Size of inner box : 370 x 320 x 375 mm
  • Size of Carton(2pcs): 660 x 400x 430mm
  • Weight: 9KGS
  • 1 year warranty
  • CE Fcc Rohs certified


  • FT-900
  • Power cord
  • Cleaning and service kit
  • User Manu
  • Adjustment Paper

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