Currency Counter Machine for sale:FT-2090

Currency Counter Machine for sale:FT-2090

Money counter is vital machine for banks, stores, supermarkets and all other businesses that deal with huge amounts of cash. The machine enables the user to confirm how many bills are in a certain a lot. In short, it automates the counting of cash hence making work easier. In addition to counting the number of bills in a given lot, the modern money counter machine also check for fake notes.

The modern money counter machines comes with high technology for high efficiency and accuracy. They use various technologies to detect fake or bogus bills in a lot. For quality currency counter machines, they have more than five technologies to detect fake bills- UVMGIRCIS. They can also counter a huge amount of bills due to their high speeds. There are two main types of money counter machines you can select from based on the mechanical structure. They are back loading and front loading models.

Currency Counter Machine for sale:FT-2090

Currency Counter machine FT-2090 with beautiful design and red color ,it is the popular model selling in Japan .The machine with two display center and side display. Counting money very smoothly ,suitable for some shops with women customers .

Money counter is one of the crucial machines in the banking, stores, supermarkets and other businesses that deal with huge amounts of cash. The machine help users automate the counting of money which can be tedious. Counting cash by hand is also time consuming as well as costly to the business. With these machines, the user can sort out a huge number of bills that would take hours to count manually in just a few minutes. That is because the modern money counter machine comes with incredibly high speed and accuracy. In addition to counting the number of bills, these machines also help with detecting fake currency in a given lot.

Speaking of bogus bills, these bill counter machine comes with a number of technologies to enhance its performance and efficiency. If you look at the current machines from factories such as Pingyang Feeltech, you will notice that they have about four technologies to help detect fake money. They usually labelled UVMGIRCIS, which are their initials. UV (ultraviolet) detects the fiber of money using UV light while the MG (magnetic) detects the magnetic signal of the money. The IR (infrared) technology detects half-note and double-note. The CIS (contact image sensor) uses different lights to identify the image if the bill.

There are two main models of money counter machines that you can select from. They are the back loading and front loading models. Back loading machine was invented in China. The model is popular since its cheap, cost saving and offers stable counting especially for soft duty money. It is also super orderly in their application. The front loading machine is the opposite of back loading. It has a higher speed hence can count more bill in a unit time. It is also the model of for counting mixed denomination. This the kind of machine that you need to if are dealing with huge sums of cash.

Technical Details

DetectionWith UV/ MG / detection
double/half /chain-note detection
Size of carton610 x 370 x 220 mm (2pcs)
N.weight5.5 KG (1pcs)
G.weight12.5 KG (2pcs)
Counting speed1000 notes/min
Feed systemRoller friction system
Hopper capacityApprox 200 notes
Stack capacityApprox 200 notes
Power supplyAC 220 ± 10% ,50HZ
AC 120 ± 10% ,60HZ