Mixed money counter machine : FT-3800v

Mixed money counter machine : FT-3800v

Mix denomination money counter machine ,is the model which can show all the detail denominations and amount total in the display .This model we make back loading reduce the cost of the machine , be more succeed to applied in supper market or business use .  Unlike money counter, the bill counter machine reports all the details of denominations after every count. In addition, our advanced mixed bill money counter machine will also give you the total amount of the money counted and pieces for every denomination.

Our mixed bill counter comes with ease of use features and that include updating it. If you want to make any updates to the software, all you need is a USB drive to fix it. It’s that simple. The use of UVMGMTIR image authentication technology enables the machine to detect all sensors in the money bill counter. That is what makes these bill counter machines super effective in banks. Our bill counter machine can also excel in other sectors where cash is the mode of payment.

Mixed money counter machine : FT-3800v

With a mixed Money counter machine, you can streamline your cash management especially in the banks where huge cash is the norm. It is one of the high end machine and most advanced high tech financial machines for counting currency. The mixed bill counter automatically count different denominations while counting the total value. It basically helps you dandify various denominations with a lot of ease. That is why it is popular with businesses that deal with cash.

As an advanced money counter, mixed bill counter money sorter provides you with the total amount counted and the pieces of the counted currency or money. In addition, feelteck bill counter machines come with connectivity features. Therefore, you can print the resulting amount and pcs with a printer. That makes it pretty easy not only for the counting but also for record keeping.

Apart from counting dandifying denominations, the mixed bill counter money sorter also helps in detects fake currency. The machine uses UV MG MT and IR technologies to detect the fake currency while counting. You can also use the machine to sort different denominations, which makes it easy to take them out automatically. Therefore this the kind of financial machine that indispensable in the banks and stores.

Feelteck mixed bill counter is designed with incredible ease of use features. All you need is to place a bunch of notes on the hopper, and the machine will do the rest including the final count. They are also easy to maintain, and that includes updating the software. With these bill counter machines, you just need a USB to update the software. That is how simple they are.

Feelteck offers various varieties of bill counter machines based on the need of each business and more so the denominations that you count. They are available in all stores such as Walmart. Just check bill counting machine Walmart, and you will be provided with plenty of choices to pick from

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Technical Details

DetectionWith UV/ MG/ IR /CIS image /doubleCounting speed1000 notes/min
/half /chain-note detectionFeed systemRoller friction system
Size of color box378 x 314 x 230 mmHopper capacityApprox 200 notes
Size of carton655 x 390 x 250 mm (2pcs)Stack capacityApprox 200 notes
N.weight12.8 KG (2pcs)Power supplyAC 220 ± 10% ,50HZ
G.weight13.5 KG (2pcs)AC 120 ± 10% ,60HZ