Banknote Sorter Machine Model:FT-700

Banknote Sorter Machine Model:FT-700

Banknote sorter is one of the essential machines in the banking sector and other business that deals with huge cash. The machine is widely useful in sorting out various denominations. In addition, bill sorter can also sort faces, orientation as well as detecting counterfeits. Unlike the rest of the machine such as the money counter, they can have more than one pocket for sorting purpose. The bill sorter finds a wide application in the banking sector more than anywhere else. Apart from sorting customer’s money, the banknote sorter can also be useful in

Banknote Sorter Machine Model: FT-700

Banknote sorter machine is the kind of machine ,that can sorting all the denominations and reject the set bill to the small pocket . First of all FT-700 can print out the serial number of USD ,EUR ,GBP ,customize as your need currency .Also detects counterfeits, face sorting, orientation sorting, and banknote counting.

It is a common machine in the banks, but you can also find them in sectors such as hotels and stores where sorting denominations is crucial. There are many benefits that come with these note sorting machines. In fact, there are many reasons why need to have a Feelteck money sorter in your business. With these money sorter machines, it will take a fraction of time to get a sort various denomination. Our money sorting machines is extremely versatile when it comes to the application. Apart from sorting in the bank and other business setups, you can also use them to sort money before inserting it in ATM. The machine will help you to keep the money in an orderly manner which is essential for an ATM. The bill sorter machine can be used for the bank for cash recycling. That simply means it helps the bank to reduce the time wasted in to recycle cash. It also helps to cut the number of workers in the system. However, it is crucial to note that there are different types of bill counter machines in the market.

But the choice of the money sorter or banknote sorter that you pick depends on your needs. There is the 1+1 pocket bill counter machine which comes with one pocket for the sorting the original money and rejecting the fake ones. The second one is the 2 pockets banknote sorter machine, which both a banknote sorter and counter machine. The last one is the more than 3 pocket money counter machine, which is good for big cash dealing. It can easily sort various denominations to identified pocket. This is the kind of money sorter machine that is not only essential to the banks but also to any business that deals with big cash.

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Technical Details

DetectionWith UV/ MG/ IR /CIS image /double
 /half /chain-note detection
Size of inner box430 x 430 x 450 mm (1pcs)
Size of carton490x490x500 mm (1pcs)
N.weight14KG (1pcs)
G.weight16KG (1pcs)
Counting speed800/1000/1200 notes/min
Feed systemRoller friction system
Hopper capacityApprox 400notes
Stack capacityApprox 200notes
Power supplyWidth voltage 90 to 220V±10% 50/60HZ