Specifications to Look for In A Banknote Sorter

Specifications to Look for In A Banknote Sorter

Specifications to Look for In A Banknote Sorter

When your business cash flow is increasing rapidly, then it means that your business is growing. However, managing cash hand can be frustrating, and that’s why automation of cash counting is important. There are a couple of machines that you can go for, and banknote sorter is a crucial one. However, you need to pick the right machine that will meet the business’s needs. To do that, you need to check for the key specifications that make a good banknote sorter.

If have plans to buy your first banknote sorter, we’ve rounded up some of the crucial specs that you need to look for. Check for these specifications:

Process Speed

One of the key things that you need to consider is machine performance. You to have a machine that will be able to sort your banknotes within the shortest time possible. That is why the process speed is one of the key factors that buyers should look out for. How many notes that the machine can count in a minute? That is the first thing that you need to look for. For the business that is dealing with a colossal amount of cash, you need to go for a machine that can count up to 800/1000 bank notes per minute. That would be a cool banknote sorter.

Authentication Features

While sorting out banknotes, it is also important to ensure that only authentic notes are coming into your business. There is a lot of fake money that is floating in any economy waiting to be absorbed. Therefore the machine you are investing in must have the capabilities to detect fake currency as it sorts it out. Check the kind of technology that has been used for detecting fake notes. IR and UV are some of the must technologies in the machine.

Fitness Quality Sorting

One of the key things that most people fail to understand is that the quality of the banknotes is also an important factor to consider. Don’t accept to take coins that do not make it to the fitness quality. But to achieve that, your banknote sorter must come with features that check for the fitness of the bank notes.

Number of Slacker

Last but not is the number of slacks that the banknote sorter comes with. However, this is informed by the needs of your business. How much sorting do you want to do with your business? That’s what will give the number of slackers that you need.

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