Why Choose Us

Buying a money counter machine from Pinyang Feelteck Electronic Co., Ltd is the smartest decision that you can make. We are one of the few reputable companies supplying currency counting machine in the word today. There are many reasons why you should choose us as your supplier. First it is important to note that we have been manufacturing and supplying money counting machines in the past 12 years. That means we have the experience you need in a supplier. Second, we are an export only focused company. That has given us an edge in the global market in various ways. The biggest advantage we have on this is that we have gained vast experience with various currencies.

Over these 12 years, Feelteck has succeeded to export products to more than 80 countries across the world. In addition, we have in the last 5 years been able to make more than 50 currencies denominations value mixed money counting software. With our machines being used in banks of more than 30 countries, we have both data of money and fake money data as well. Therefore, we only need very small info from you to supply a perfect machine that meets your needs.

We know exactly what you need. As an export factory, we serve more than 800 customers every year across the world. With the customers spread across the world, we have data on the kind of machine that works in various countries. Therefore, it is very easy to deal with us if you are a first time buyer. All you need is to tell us the country you are from and where you want to use the money counter machine (bank or store), and we will supply exactly what you need.

In addition, we have made communication between us and customers very efficient and easy. At Feelteck, we have more than 10 sales managers with more than 5 years’ experience in bill counter machine sales experience. They know the product very well hence they will answer any question about the machine. Therefore, any information you need about our bill counter machines you can get from our customer care desk.

Unique technology is another reason why should choose us. At Pinyang Feelteck Electronic Co. Ltd, we innovate technology with our own team.  We boasts of unique technology that cannot compare to any of our competitors. We have our team that does the tech innovation work. That is why we have remained unique and competitive the years. We have put our focus in making our unique technology on out banknote counting machines. So far we have succeeded in making different technology on Taiwan and Russian currency. We are working on having a global solution using mixed bill counting technology. With that, we will be able to beat competition very easily.

We also offer our customers customized products. If you look at most of the factories in China, you will notice that they are using the same technology and software. For us at Feeltech, we are offering unique technology as well as expanding our service to include customized products. That is what makes us different from the rest. We can make a money counter machine display your LOGI as well as do some intercom with other equipment amongst other customized services. With our technology, we can make changes to meet your needs.

We also accept exclusive agent contracts to protect our customer from vicious competition. When we start cooperating with customers, it paves the way for us to discuss the exclusive agent contract for some of the models. With more than 80 countries using Feelteck, we will definitely accept any request for an exclusive agent contract. With that, we can protect you from the vicious competition. The contract will also enable you to make good returns out of the investment as there will be minimal or no competition to worry about.

Feelteck also believes in growing together with our customers. That is why every year, we have new models or new technology for the currency counter machine. The aim is to ensure that our customer’s experience improves as we progress. That is one thing that has kept is highly competitive in the marker, and the same case happens to our customers. Our customers enjoy new features, new models, and new technology every year something that is not common with most of our competition.

We are very committed to after sale services. At Feelteck, we understand that our customer could have some difficulties in repairing the money counter machine when it gets faulty. That is why make sure that your engineer is have with the knowledge on how to fix the machine. We can come to your office to train engineer. In addition, all our money counter models comes with a detailed service manual. The manual is meant for the buyer’s engineers to use while servicing the machine. With this detailed manual, the engineer can solve more than 90% of the problems affecting the money counting machine. In addition to fixing the problems, the service manual are excellent training guide.

We can also bring your engineer to our factory where they learn how currency counter machine work and how to fix typical and advanced problems. We have a training program for engineers in our factory that lasts for 5 days. Throughout this training, they learn to work with the machine and how to fix. They are also trained in preventative measures. The program is also open to those who would wish to study in our workshop, technology department as well as the sale department.

Lastly, as part of after sale service, we send our own technicians and engineers to your company. This is something that we have been doing over the year. Our engineers will meet with your engineers where they will be trained on how to work and fix the machine. So far, we have visited more than 20 countries to cooperate with our customers as well get the first-hand info on the performance of our money counter machine.

Here at Feelteck, we also manufacture parts for the currency counter machine only.  This has contributed greatly in saving the cost of materials. While most of the factories in China are outsourcing parts from the third party or other different suppliers, we have taken a different approach. We make everything ourselves in out factory. Feelteck are not an assembling factory but also makes our own parts. We make the plastic body, the steel and the main board in our factory which is more cost effective. That is how we have been able to reduce the cost of materials and these benefits are passed to our customers. We have invested more than 500,000 USD for equipment to parts of our money counter machines.

With that, we have been able to control the quality in parts making. Since we are the one making our machine parts, we are able to put in place strict quality control measures. We control everything from raw materials to the entire manufacturing process. That is something that most of our competitors have been unable to do. They are unable to control and hence the poor quality of their products.

Manufacturing our own parts have also helped to easily control the delivery time of money counter machine. For any delivery, you need to prepare the material, make parts and then assemble the money counter. What if you have to wait for a third party to supply the parts? The delivery time is likely to be missed. But at Feeltech, we have everything we need in our factory that is why we can control our delivery time than others. These are just many of the reasons why should choose us as your number one supplier of money counter machines.